A Study of Objects by Jo Anne V. Coruña

A Study of Objects is the studio of Jo Anne V. Coruña, a visual artist and a writer. An art studio driven by curiosity and empathy, A Study of Objects is a search for stories and a quest for lightness and wisdom. Jo Anne paints objects and writes the stories they tell about who we are, where we are, and why we're here.

Objects facilitate and mediate the connection between humans and the physical world, between humans and other humans, and between humans and their own selves. In this light, the artist paints the objects not only to study its physical aspects, but more importantly, to study and ponder on the connections made by these objects.

An important aspect of A Study of Objects is the act of painting the various objects. Painting requires close scrutiny, focused attention, and sincere and sustained interest from the artist. While the artist reads, conducts interviews, and researches the featured objects, the act of painting itself gives the artist a more intimate and visceral experience of the objects, getting the chance to ponder on the stories and contexts that the objects embody. This translates to a richer body of knowledge and fuller pieces of work.